Gentle Beginners Yoga

This class is our most gentle and accessible Beginners Yoga, featuring mostly floor postures both lying down and seated. We move slowly and mindfully through our practice with a focus on spine, legs and hips in order to improve flexibility, reduce or prevent pain, and connect more deeply with the body. This class is very breath focused, often featuring more than one breathing exercise to help regulate the nervous system and create some excellent anti anxiety tools for students to use on and off the mat. Suitable for any student who can get safely down to the floor and back up without assistance. This class is practiced at just above room temperature, gentle warmth to relax the body.


Best for: relieving chronic or acute back pain, athletes or runners looking for recovery, any students wanted to increase calm and mindfulness, students with tight hamstrings, hip flexors, and low backs, students wanting to deepen mind body connection and increase range of motion.