New To Yoga?

Here’s a few things to help you prepare for your first class with us!
You will need a yoga mat, large towel to cover all or most of your yoga mat and a bottle of water.
If you do not have a mat or towel, you can rent them for class for €1 each.
Dress to move and sweat, light weight stretch fabrics work best in the heat to keep you comfortable. Barefoot is usually best for your practice, but if you're more comfortable in socks, that's okay too. 
It’s best not to eat a large meal directly before practicing, as it can make you feel a little nauseous and it helps if you’ve had plenty of water throughout the day.
Studio etiquette is shoes stay outside in the lobby, along with any phones and personal belongings so you wont be distracted from your practice (phones in on silent in the room if there's emergency circumstances). 
If you are coming to your first class, please be at least ten minutes early so you can fill out a waiver. For every class after, try to be in the room and on your mat before the start time so that we can start promptly and avoid losing heat by opening and closing the studio door. 
If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at,  and we look forward to seeing you soon!