Beginners Yoga

Our most popular class, Beginners Yoga is suitable for anyone who can sit down on the floor and get back up unassisted, but even experienced yoga practitioners will find something to love in this back to basics class. We focus on simple breath work to help calm the nervous system as well as focusing on movement of the spine in order to improve the health of the whole body. As with all our classes, there's elements of mindfulness and basic yoga philosophy to help you through your day. Occasionally we will work on the foundation for basic hand balances and deeper backbends, but we always meet all students in the room exactly where they are in their practice. (This class is gentle heat, around 25C. Imagine a warm sunny day)


Best for: Anyone who wants to improve sleep, reduce or prevent back pain, increase day to day calm, start their yoga practice, improve flexibility, recover from injury, review the basics of yoga practice, improve digestive health, deal with stress more effectively.